After 9/11, the US and the UK initiated the War on Terror, represented by the US President George Bush jr. and the British  PM Tony Blair. The US and the UK became close allies during this time and both parts argued that Iraq had to be invaded to not only remove the country’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, but to overthrow the dictator Saddam Hussein as well. Other countries such as Canada, France, Germany, Russia and China opposed the invasion of Iraq and in the aftermath of the war, it became clear that Iraq did not have any weapons of mass destruction. Intelligence reports were mistaken. However, the dictator Hussein was removed, but at the same time, thousands of innocent civilians were killed in the war in addition to British personnel. Tony Blair has apologized for relying on incorrect intelligence reports.

Assignment: Do some research on the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and the UK involvement. What were the consequences of British involvement in the wars? List your sources.  Wikipedia could be a good starting point, but you should find other sources that are reliable and trustworthy.

war on terror

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