Theresa May

British politics is quite fascinating these days, as the UK is negotiating with the EU on how to leave the European Union.  Prime Minister Theresa May of the Conservative Party represents the government and I think we can all agree on the fact that she has a challenging job, which was seen at the Salzburg summit in September. At the Tories’ annual conference this week in Birmingham she pledged for unity among the Conservatives.  Perhaps she was referring to her Foreign Secretary’s Soviet jibe?  On our subject day in Social Studies, you will find out more about British politics and make a presentation. These are the tasks you can choose from:

What is Scotland’s position on Brexit?

The Conservative Party and the challenging Brexit

The Labour Party, political ideology and current issues

The Liberal Democratic party, political ideology and current issues

UKIP (UK Independence Party)­­­­­

Devolution: An explanation

First past the post: Fair or unfair?

Why did Britain say no to the EU?

An explanation of constitutional monarchy

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