Dec 11: Read Pages 50-75.

Learn about literary analysis here.

In groups of 3, answer these questions/discuss:

  1. Give a brief summary of what happens, the plot.
  2. Describe the setting- where does the story take place in these pages?
  3. Are there any hints/foreshadowing as to what might happen later in the book?
  4. Who is Susy?
  5. Describe Whit- what kind of person is he?
  6. What is George and Lennie’s dream all about? And how does George describe it?
  7. Do you think this dream will come true for George and Lennie?
  8. DescribeCrooks.
  9. How would you describe the language used in the book? Give one example of the kind of language used.
  10. Comment on what happens to Curley.
  11. Discuss how Steinbeck presents the various characters. What literary “technique” isused?

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