Today we are diving into modern US history, and we will be working with this competence aim: “Elaborate and discuss how key historical events and processes have affected the development of US history after WWII”.

Assignment: Find out about an American historical event after WWII and present it. You need to make a thesis question (e.g. Why did the Vietnam War turn out to be disastrous for the US? How successful was Kennedy’s presidency? What was the Watergate scandal? and so on).

In addition, find a song from the period that comments on/highlights or criticizes the event/episode.

You should make a power point presentation, Prezi or similar and it is up to you whether you want to work alone, in pairs, or in groups of three maximum. The length of the presentation should be approximately ten minutes, which is the “ideal” length of a presentation at the oral exam. Remember to list your sources, be critical to the sources you use and check if they are reliable! The presentation is due February 12.

Good luck 🙂

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