Today we will refreshen our memory about US black history, in addition to be working with two pieces of literature: The poem “Strange Fruit” (1937) by Abel Meeropol and ML King, Jr’s “I have a Dream” speech from 1963. Both texts contain imagery and are filled with literary devices, which we should be familiar with by now.

Task 1: Explain what the poem “Strange Fruit” (written by a white man) is about. Identify the literary devices such as metaphors and contrasts. Explain their effect on the message of the poem. What, in your opinion, makes this such a powerful poem? What impact does this poem have on its audience?

Task 2: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous speech contains a lot of imagery as well. But before you start identifying the literary devices and their effect, what is:

a. The message of the speech?

b What do you learn about African Americans’ history, and what are King’s dreams for the future?

c. Do you think the speech is relevant for African Americans today? Or for people outside the USA?

d. Identify the literary devices and their effect on the message of the speech.

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