Read/watch these two articles/videos about the strain on the health care system in the UK and the USA due to corona.

How well do you think the two countries are prepared for what is to come in terms of their health care system? Write your comments below:)

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  1. I think that the UK are aware of the risks of an overwhelmed health system. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is taking the situation very seriously and knows that the possibility of having a similar situation as to Italy is high. However, the numbers are rising in Britain, and it does not seem like the measures taken so far are helping that much. Instead of looking at a London lockdown as a last resolution, it might be smart to do it before it is too late.
    America on the hand, does not have universal health care, and te different statistics also show that they are not prepared for a pandemic. They do not have enough hospital space like beds and mechanical help systems. Their health system has for a long time now been one of the worst compared to similarly developed countries. Because you need health insurance to get your medical costs covered, a lot of people who can not afford this, avoids going to the doctor. During a pandemic like this, some people might avoid getting tested and treated because of the huge medical bills. However, some states have passed new laws that require testing and treating of the covid-19 virus to be covered. Hopefully, the Trump administration will follow, and pass a bill for the whole country. Unfortunately, America’s health system is not just a problem during this pandemic, but always has been.

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