Here are three articles to read and discuss this week:

The first one is from India, the second from South Africa and the third from the USA. After skimming through them, what do they seem to have in common? What do you think the implications of what is happening now will be for the poorest communities in these countries and others?


  1. After reading all the articles, it’s clear that the poor people are far more likely to get the coronavirus in all three countries. There are so many people who live in the slums in both India and in South Africa. Over 1000 people share a communal tap to get water and they can’t afford to skip work or work from home. This is problematic because it’s going to be extremely hard for people not to get inflected when they live like this.

    It’s hard to tell what’s going to happen to these poorest communities, however I think that if the virus spread to these areas, they will most likely all get it. And if some families don’t get it, I think they might die or get sick from other stuff such as starvation. This is a massive potential threat because there are so many people living like this, and it would be horrible if the pandemic took so many lives in these communities.


  2. I think the poor people in these countries will struggle a lot and face a lot more casualties than other countries. With little to no access to private bathrooms/toilets, the virus will have no problem spreading faster. Also, the living conditions where families have to live so close to one another that not spreading the virus isn’t an option. I also think it will take a long time before these countries, especially India and South Africa, can get back on their feet again.


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