Bernie Sanders has withdrawn his candidacy for the Democratic nomination, and the Corona virus continues to spread…How did the United States — the richest country in the world — become the worldwide epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, with one person dying of COVID-19 every 47 seconds? And how likely is it that Trump will be reelected in November? What implications does it have that Bernie Sanders is out of the presidential race? Can Biden beat Trump? And are female leaders more able to deal with the Corona crisis than their male counterparts?

Study the articles below and be ready to discuss these questions:) And then there’s Obama… maybe the most important supporter Joe Biden has…listen to this:)

And look to New Zealand and PM Jacinda Ardern:

After our group talks today, discuss (in the comment field below) what message Obama is trying to get across here, and how he does it. Point to language features and/or literary devices he uses and explain how they reinforce his message.


  1. Obama is very inclusive in his speech by trying to reach everyone and their situation. He pointed out who makes things go around in times like these, and credited them for how important of a job they have. He also talked about Biden in a way that makes us feel that he’s just a human being like the rest of us.

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  2. Obama has always at least in my opinion, been very inclusive and reflective in his speeches. In this particular speech, he is trying to reach out to everyone no matter what their situation is. During his speech he’s dropping hints that he is not happy with the Government today, and he is telling us how Biden can make it better. Obama is saying that Biden wants to focus on healthcare and climate change, and both of these things doesn’t seem to be on Trump’s agenda.

    One thing Obama says that sticks out to me is “Who actually know how to run the Government, and who actually care how to run it”. It’s obvious that he’s not happy with Trump’s way of doing things, however he’s never saying his actual name.

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  3. In his speech, Obama is trying to reach out to everyone, to the whole population. In my opinion, he is probably more likely to affect young voters, because he talks about free health care and college tuition, and different measures to take to stop climate change. He is indirectly suggesting that he does not agree with how the country is run as of today. He is proposing ways that he believes Joe Biden could make it better. He also talks about Biden’s childhood and how he can relate to different situations. Obama is trying to let everyone know that Biden has empathy for everyone, and that he is only human and has his own story. And that is one of the reasons Obama presents for him to make a good president. Obama is also making sure that everyone knows that also Bernie Sanders and the other democrats now support Joe Biden, and stand by him as they try to win the election.

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