Issues in British politics

It’s hard to believe these days, but British politics is not all about Brexit… In class today, you’ve read about other political issues that are of importance to the British public.

Write a blog post about one or more of these issues that you find interesting and/or surprising. Include facts and viewpoints in your post.

Knife Crime in the UK

As Brexit tends to overshadow every other issue in the UK, there are other challenges the Brits face, too. One of them is knife crime, which unfortunately takes place on a daily basis.

This week we will work with the competence aim “current affairs in an English-speaking country”. Read this BBC news article and sum up what you learn about the reasons for the increased knife crime. Then read CNN’s article about the same topic. What reasons does this article give for the increased knife crime? In pairs, share your findings.

Watch this documentary about knife crime. Take notes as you watch and try to find answers to these questions:

-why does knife crime happen?

-who are the victims?

-what are the consequences of knife crime?


-what can be done to prevent it?

Then read this anonymous letter written by a policeman in London. Identify the reasons he gives for the increased knife crime.

Finally, read British actor Lennie James’ open letter to the knife carriers, which was first published in the Guardian on June 8, 2008.

What literary and/or linguistic features does James use to enhance the message of his letter?

This is your last assignment before the written exam, and you should write a blog post where you sum up your findings about knife crime in the UK. Deadline: Friday, May 24 at 12:00.

Current issues in UK society

As PM Theresa May is obliged by her duty to ensure that the UK leaves the EU, negotiating with EU leaders as well as MPs, we want to take a closer look at British society. How are the Brits doing in terms of poverty, unemployment and migrants, for instance? What will happen to the numerous laborers who work in the agriculture sector once Brexit takes place? These are questions that we should try to find an answer to. Start by watching this documentary:

Find out about poverty in the UK and do some research: Who are most affected by it?

Find out about the UK welfare system and its weaknesses.

Study the text handed out in class and make a list of what characterizes the UK labor market. Discuss your findings with a partner.